5 Best File Managers for Android TV

5 Best File Managers for Android TV in 2024 | Get the Best File Manager

While Android TVs are equipped with native file managers, these built-in tools often fall short in delivering the advanced functionalities that users seek. The default file managers typically offer basic capabilities, leaving much to be desired in terms of comprehensive file management features. This is where third-party file managers come into play, offering a richer set of functionalities to enhance your Android TV experience. From essential actions like cut/copy/paste/rename to more complex tasks such as ZIP/RAR extraction and cloud service integration, a robust file manager can transform how you handle files on your Android TV.

In response to this need, we have curated a list of the best file managers for Android TV other than Cx File Explorer, each offering a unique blend of features to cater to various user requirements. Whether you’re looking to streamline your media library, manage downloads more effectively, or simply desire a more intuitive file navigation system, these file managers are equipped to elevate your Android TV file management experience, ensuring efficient file management across all your devices. Let’s dive into these top choices, exploring what makes each one stand out and how they can contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable Android TV usage.

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File ManagerBest Feature
Solid Explorer Offers a sleek, two-pane interface with extensive cloud and network storage support.
FX File ExplorerFeatures a unique “Home Screen” with convenient access to all files and an intuitive split-view mode.
File CommanderIntegrates powerful file conversion capabilities and a secure vault for sensitive documents.
X-plore File ManagerKnown for its distinctive dual-pane explorer, offering efficient file management and network storage support.
File Manager by DWorkS (AnExplorer)Stands out for its minimalist design and support for multiple file formats, ideal for both novice and advanced users.

Solid Explorer

solid explorer interface

Solid Explorer is an excellent file manager optimized for Android TV, mirroring its smartphone counterpart’s sleek design. It offers a two-pane UI, allowing users to preview files, integrate with cloud services, and establish SMB connections through a local network. FTP support is another key feature, enabling quick access to your TV’s internal storage from your computer or smartphone.

Why Solid Explorer Stands Out

Solid Explorer shines with its lightweight design, reliability, and compatibility with the Android TV remote. It’s particularly adept at handling USB drives, allowing you to browse files effortlessly. The app’s well-designed interface and robust feature set make it a top choice for Android TV users.

FX File Explorer

fx file explorer interface

FX File Explorer is known for its commitment to privacy, offering a no-ads, no-analytics, and no-tracking experience. The app sports a modern look with both dark and light themes and categorizes files smartly into apps, videos, music, etc. Its user interface is clean and intuitive, making file management a seamless task.

Advanced Features and Security

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, FX File Explorer is equipped with a split-view interface, enabling multitasking on your Android TV. However, network tools like SMB, FTP, and cloud integration are available in the paid version, which adds to its functionality.

File Commander

File Commander interface

File Commander is a comprehensive file manager that brings a plethora of features to Android TV users at no cost. Despite its slightly dated UI, which may appear clunky, the app is a powerhouse, offering functionalities like a two-panel mode and support for both FTP and SMB.

Why Choose File Commander

File Commander is ideal for users seeking a feature-packed file manager without any cost. Its ability to integrate cloud files using plugins adds to its versatility. For those who can look past the UI, File Commander offers an unmatched range of features for free.

X-plore File Manager

x-plore file manager interface

X-plore File Manager, known for its longevity, brings its unique tree-view design to Android TV. The dual-pane window allows users to perform two actions simultaneously, enhancing productivity. Its archaic UI might not appeal to everyone, but it’s packed with advanced features.

Key Features of X-plore File Manager

X-plore offers functionalities like FTP/SMB, SSH, Cloud Integration, and video subtitles. The ‘Bookmarks’ feature is particularly useful for quickly accessing frequently used folders and files, saving time in navigation.

File Manager by DWorkS (AnExplorer)

File Manager by DWorkS (AnExplorer)

File Manager by DWorkS is an excellent choice for Android TV, offering a smart library that categorizes files into photos, videos, APKs, documents, and more. Its bookmark functionality enables quick access within the app, and it allows you to play media files directly from USB drives.

FTP Server and Cloud Services Support

This file manager stands out with its FTP server feature, facilitating easy file transfers from Android TV to your computer. It also supports various cloud services, making it a versatile and user-friendly option for Android TV users.


These top 5 file managers for Android TV offer a range of features to suit different needs, from advanced users to those prioritizing privacy and simplicity. Enhance your Android TV experience by choosing a file manager that aligns with your requirements and enjoy a more organized and efficient media experience.

Explore these file managers to find the perfect match for your Android TV. Share your experiences and let us know which file manager you find most effective for your Android TV!

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