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App Requirements for the Latest Version

  • Operating System Android
  • Android 5.0 or higher required
  • More then 7 MB free space
  • Permissions 16

Do you also get the annoying notification that your device is running out of space? The real issue is that we don’t know what is consuming more space on our devices. Fortunately, it is now possible to identify the large files on our devices using the Cx File Explorer APK. It is a free storage analysis application for Android devices that helps users keep an eye on their files and media to get more space on their devices.

Moreover, the Cx Explorer is mostly used by Android users where the users can’t manage their items on the phone. In such cases, this application will allow you to customize everything easily. In addition, you can copy, move, delete, and manage your documents and files by using this application. Download APK now to explore the interesting features of this application to audit your device at zero cost.

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What is Cx File Explorer App?

The Cx Explorer app is a user-friendly file manager for Android users. This application will help the users manage the data on their devices effortlessly by providing a wide range of features. With its simple interface, you will get an overview of files on your devices, organise them, and remove unwanted files easily.

Furthermore, the Cx File Manager provides a wonderful experience to users by allowing them to manage their data efficiently. This file organiser app will also allow users to share files across their PCs as you can also download it on your PC. Apart from that, you can also perform standard file operations such as copying, moving, deleting, and renaming a file within this app.

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Features of Cx File Explorer APK

This file manager for Android devices is enriched with amazing features allowing you to get more organised. You can use it to get rid of unwanted files, images, and videos which will result in saving more space effectively. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface will allow you to access your desired files easily. Some more interesting features of this application as are follows:

Storage Percentage

A very creative way of representing your storage is by showing a percentage of consumed data. This feature will provide the percentage of how much storage has been consumed from your main storage. In addition, you can track each file separately, for example, the storage consumed by images, videos, apps, and documents. 

Analyse Your Device

The Cx File Explorer APK for Android will run a deep analysis of your data to show the information on data consumption. With the help of this feature, you can separate the useful and unwanted files on your device. In addition, it will help you to track the harmful files available on your device and then you can easily remove those files.

Recycle Bin

This will keep the deleted files from your device so you can check the files that you can remove. Sometimes, users accidentally delete useful files or data. So this folder will keep all those files for a specific period from where you can check and restore your desired items. In this way, you will not lose access to important stuff from your devices accidentally.

User-Friendly Interface

This application is very easy to use as the settings of the Cx File manager app are straightforward. Everything is organised in order allowing you to manage the files and documents effortlessly. Moreover, it will manage the data according to their categories such as apps will be stored in different sections from images, videos, and other files.

Clear Cache and Large Files

This Android file viewer will separate the large files and cache of your applications. With the help of Cx File Manager, you can check the large files which usually consume more space on your devices. On the other hand, you can clear the cache of applications from this application with a single click to free up space. This will result in the smooth performance of your devices.

Main Storage and SD Card

It will distinguish the main storage and SD card storage (internal and external storage) where you will be able to identify the data stored on these folders. Moreover, you can transfer files from your main storage to an SD card and vice versa. This is the most efficient way of transferring files across your device which will save more time.

Create New Folders

With the help of Cx File Explorer pro-APK, you can easily create a new folder on your devices. You can use the folder to store your data and also you can choose a name for the new folder to easily identify it. Moreover, it is like an open-source powerful file manager for mobile device users where they can sort their data separately.

Hidden Folder

This file manager for Android will allow the users to store personal data in a separate place away from other people. If someone goes through your phone’s gallery they won’t be able to reach the hidden files. Moreover, you can also set a password on the hidden folders to get more security. In addition, this keeps your sensitive information safe and secure by only allowing you to access that information.


The network feature will allow the users to transfer the files from their phones to their PCs. In simple words, you will get the data of your phone on your PC without using a data cable. By connecting your device and phone to an internet connection you will be able to access your files on your PC by using the provided IP address. It is efficient and you can share large files within a few minutes. This makes it one of the best file viewers for Android devices.

Additional Features of the Cx File Manager App for Android

  • Copy, move, and delete files easily
  • Rename your desired folders
  • Select your desired order and sort files accordingly
  • New folders can be accessed separately
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What is Cx File Explorer Mod APK?

The mod application will provide the premium features of this file explorer app for free. You won’t have to watch any advertisements or spend money on various features to access them. It will unlock these features for the users so they can use them whenever they want. In addition, the mod app is 100% safe and it does not pass on your information to third-party apps.

  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Advertisements

How to Install CX File Explorer on PC?

Similarly, if you want to install this amazing file-managing app on your PC then have to take simple steps. It is comparatively easy to download the app on a PC as it provides open access to download anything you want. Below are some general steps for the installation and if you want the full process then you can read the installation on PC article. Anyway, here is what you need to do to get this application:

  • To download the app you have to first install Bluestack on your PC.
  • Then open the Play Store on Bluestack and sign in using your Google account.
  • Now in the search bar, type CX File Explorer.
  • Click on the install button and enable the permissions for a smooth process.

How to Install on Firestick?

The remarkable features of this application are not bound just to Android smartphones as you can also download this application on your Smart TV. This will also allow you to manage the files and data on your Android TV. To download this file explorer on Firestick you have to follow some straightforward steps which are as follows:

  • Go to your device settings and click on My Fire TV.
  • Now you have to turn on ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’.
  • After that, download ‘Downloader’ to get the file manager.
  • Open the Downloader and enable all permissions.
  • In the search bar, copy and paste the CX File Explorer APK URL and then hit search.
  • Last, download the file and launch it from Apps Manager.

These are the basic steps to download the app. If you find it difficult to get the application then you can read the detailed procedure for how to install it on Firestick with ease. If your device meets the requirements then there is nothing to worry about.

Best CX File Settings for Easy Access and Customization

This application is well known for providing the best features and customizable options to the users. Although the list is long, here we will only discuss the bold features and settings of this application. However, the details of the settings of CX File Manager are also available from where you can learn new tips and tricks. Anyhow, these are some commonly used settings:

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar provides free customization of the app on your device. From here you can add or search for the files and folders. Furthermore, it will provide quick access to all the features of the application.

Recycle Bin

The recycle bin will store your deleted data for a specific time. If you change your mind at any time you can open this section and restore the deleted data.

Main Storage and USB Detection

This option helps you access the types of data stored on your internal and external storage. In addition, you can also enable the permission of USB directly from the app to grant access.


If you ever encounter any issues or feel like the app is not working properly then you can run a debugging from the About section of the app. It will resolve any sort of bugs and errors. Moreover, you will also get to know the current version of the file manager in the About section.

Add Shortcuts

Create shortcuts to add files and folders to the home screen. Frequently used applications and files can easily be accessed from the home screen without opening the app. It will save time for the users and they can access the data with ease.

Older Versions of CX File

Users can also download the older versions of this application according to their device specifications. If your device is not compatible with the latest version of this application then you can download the older versions.

Download any of these versions to manage the data and improve the performance of your device.

Pros and Cons of the Cx File Explorer

There are always some pros and cons to any application which we use on our devices. Similarly, there are a few drawbacks to this file organiser for Android. However, this does not mean that is not safe to use or can cause unwanted trouble to the users. Compared to the features and efficiency of the app these disadvantages are negligible. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Optimise your device
  • Helps you to get rid of unwanted apps, files, and other items
  • Separates the large files and cache files.
  • You can rename, copy, move, and share files easily
  • Connect your phone to your PC without using any sort of data cable
  • Analyse your device for free
  • It also supports Oculus Quest 2


  • Requires permission to access your files and images which might worry some users
  • Users might face connection drop issues while transferring files from a phone to a PC
  • App crash issues

Alternatives of this Application

There are various applications related to the CX File which are available for the users. The top alternatives for this application are mentioned below. Users can download these applications on their devices for free which is best to get the job done.

ES File Explorer

ES File is also a popular file-managing application with versatile features and quick customizations. It is well known for the management of data for Android devices.

Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is master tool for managing and backing up files. Provides quick access to everything available on your after you enable the permissions.

Solid Explorer

Analyse your device and delete unwanted storage-consuming applications with Solid Explorer. Manage the data stored on the device and boost the performance for smooth use.

Personal Review

The Cx File Manager APK is one of the best Android file viewers so far because of its engaging features. Moreover, the latest version of Cx File Manager has resolved all sorts of bugs and errors as compared to the older versions of this app, allowing you to experience the best version of the file manager for free. However, it is only for Android users so if you want the best file manager for iPhone you can find one on the internet easily. To get maximum benefit from the app read our How to use Cx File Explore Guide.

file manager for android


To sum up, the Cx File Manager is the easiest way to organize your files, images, videos, and apps on your device. This application will browse your phone to provide you with an overview of various files available on your device. Moreover, it is helpful to clear unwanted apps and files on your Android devices more efficiently. Lastly, if you want to make your device run smoothly then free download apk of this file manager on your Android devices.


Is Cx File Explorer APK good and safe to use?

The Cx File Manager is a useful application when it comes to managing storage on your devices. On the other hand, this application is 100% to use where the data of users is not passed on to third persons.

Can we set up a passcode on the hidden folder?

Yes, here in this application you can easily hide your sensitive files and folders. This will keep your files safe from other people who use your smartphones.

Do we have to watch ads while using the Cx File Organiser?

No, this application does not show any advertisements to provide the best services to the users.

Can we transfer the files from the phone to the PC by using this application?

Yes, you can. This application will provide a wireless connection between your phone and PC which allows you to transfer multiple images, videos, and files swiftly.

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